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Hotel Proposed at West End of Runway

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As you arrive in Boulder on the Diagonal Highway you will be greeted by a 3 story Holiday Inn chain hotel. This proposed development, is not only out of character with Boulder's unique environment, its tricky location disconnects it from public transport, cycleways and walkways.HI_KBDU_small

Apart from a waffle style breakfast, it has no food service. Occupants and staff will tend to use their cars to get around, contributing to more congestion on our busy public roads.

From an aviation perspective, a 3 story building built directly in line with the westerly facing runway is a disaster in the making. Aircraft at takeoff and landing are in their most critical phase of flight. An obstruction on this route cannot add to safe operations. The Boulder airport has been a central hub in the response to recent emergencies, is it worth jeopardizing our ability to respond? 

If you love your local airport be aware and stay tuned. The SSB will be coordinating with the community and aviation stake holders in this fight. Stay tuned.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 13:34

Announcing FlightLog

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The SSB is pleased to introduce FlightLog, the go to place for daily flight operations and billing.

You can find a quick start guide on using the system herelistincloud: icon FlightLog Quick Start Guide (313.72 kB)

This web application combines our existing Tow List, Flight Log, Tow Logs and Scheduler into one web tool that can be accessed from your phone, office or home. This lays the groundwork for faster, easier, more accurate flight recording and online billing.

The old single user system will be retired, but we are migrating our flight statistics back to 2000.

While we are in the transistion period you can sign on and see what's happening.


Account : <your email address>

If this is your first time, please enter your email then press "Reset Password".  You will be emailed a temporary password.

Please give thanks to Alan Walls and Gary Reuter who speerheaded this far reaching development for our club.

Alan made a presentation of this system at the priot SSB meeting at 7:00pm on Monday 11th May 2015.





Last Updated on Thursday, 02 February 2017 22:12

Schleicher ASK 21 now at KBDU

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At the SSB AGM the members voted overwhelmingly to authorize a 3 person comittee to continue on with the evaluation of a new two place glider (Seaborn, Westfall, Kuhlke).

Now an ASK21 is on the airfield at Boulder!

John Seaborn reports:

There was zero drama in the pick-up and delivery to Boulder including the 1400 mile drive. Scott Westfall did a superb job of client relations with the owner. Scott flew to Bozeman, taking two days out of what must be one of the busiest schedules possible to make sure the transition went well, and it did. Peter Baur, Brody and I did the driving bit with just over 1400 miles in two days out and back to Bozeman. Bob Caldwell did a great job on organizing the funds for the purchase. Lee Kuhlke did great work organizing the trailer and new glider quotes and costs.

The glider is absolutely beautiful and in pristine new condition. Everything from the seat cushions to the finish are in perfect shape.The Black Forest trailer turned out to be excellent with one exception being the fuselage dolly which depends on having the lift pins secured by two side position rods. These rods are held in place by pins, except there are no holes in the lift pins to secure the positioning rods. Right now the side positioning rods are held in place by straps which is an improvisation. This arrangement makes the fuselage dolly a bit of a hazard when loading and unloading so be careful in the extreme when moving the fuselage in and out of the trailer.In all this is one beautiful glider set up my a consummate professional the prior owner Greg Mecklenburg to a high standard. It is hard to describe just how perfect this glider is.

I cannot tell you how incredibly lucky the club is to have this glider added to the fleet. This deal almost fell apart several times and was contingent on several very unlikely events occurring but in the end the stars aligned.

Last Updated on Friday, 06 June 2014 07:44

Access Live Cameras at KBDU

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WebCam1There are now smart phone accessible streaming web cams at the SSB shack. These were provided at no cost to the SSB by the following:

  • Gary Reuter
  • Bob Caldwell
  • Ivan Jaszlics
  • Charlie Gillespie
  • Scott Westfall
  • Colin Barry

 To install the software and access the cameras follow these instructions: icon  Live Streaming Web Cams for Mobile (539.5 kB 2012-05-28 06:36:16)


Last Updated on Saturday, 22 November 2014 16:05

High Performance Two Place Glider

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A DG 505 Orion two place glider is available for the enjoyment of our members. The glider will be used for advanced cross country training. It is in beatiful condition and all  members should endeavour to keep it this way. It comes with a new "two man assist" rigging system and an enclosed trailer. See the equipment link for further details.
Last Updated on Saturday, 14 April 2012 08:28
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