Want to check in on the activity at the airport? Is the tow plane there? Is the runway covered in snow? Is it a mud pit?


SSB members can access streaming cameras at the airport using their smartphone.


To install the software and access the cameras follow these instructions:

In the Apple App store or Android Play store search for ‘swannview’ and install the ‘SwannView Link’ application.

Start the app and you will be prompted to Add New Device

Configure the device as follows:

Device Name SSB Camera You can choose whatever name you want here
Connect Mode IP/Domain  
Host It's our static IP
Port 9000  
User name camera  
Password KBDU5288 Also available in the shack

More on the Host setting above:

  • Please ensure you are using the new host setting of
  • The old host setting of will not work
  • The interim host setting of ssbcamera.swanndvr.net may work


  • The username and password are available on a notice in the SSB shack.
  • The time displayed on the system is wonky as it doesn't seem to want to connect to a ntp server.
  • The record function does not work either.